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Heine Sigmoidoscope - Proctoscope Kit RTE

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Heine Sigmoidoscope - Proctoscope Kit RTE
  • Complete system for proctological examination and treatment
  • Disposable tubes negate the need for cleaning and sterilisation and greatly reduce the risk of cross-infection
  • 6v Halogen illumination ensures a clear view
  • Powered from Heine E7 mains transformer and lamp handle
  • Fibre optic instrument head with 1.5x magnification lens and air-tight viewing window
  • Kit includes:-
            - Box 25 Heine disposable sigmoidoscopes
            - Box 25 Heine disposable proctoscope
            - Box 25 Heine disposable anoscopes
            - E7 plug-in transformer with lamp handle, switch and bulb
            - F.O. Instrument head
            - Sponge holding forceps
            - Insufflation bulb
  • Heine 10 year guarantee
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Surgicalinstruments Categories Colo-Rectal and Colo-Proctology
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