There are various parameters that you need to consider while setting up a new clinic. Having a checklist for all these essentials will make sure that the clinic has a great opening and seamless functioning. Location, marketing strategies, surroundings are of prime importance while starting a new clinic, next comes the importance of medical equipment that will be handy in the clinic. This will make your clinic well-equipped and well prepared for unexpected and most miscellaneous situations.

Setting up a clinic is not an easy task. But it brings immense satisfaction once you’ve fixed your heart on setting up your own health care centre. This will not only provide you with the ability to help patients and interact with them personally but that too within a work schedule suitable for you. Once you have finalized the right location, finances and documentation in place, its time to focus on the kind of medical equipment and supplies your clinic has. Though you may find good quality medical equipment a bit expensive, still you should consider this as a great investment for the longevity of your clinic services. High-grade medical equipment will add a lot of value to your practice by improving the quality of treatment and providing you with reliable results; they will also last for several years.

 If you are having a clinic of your own or planning to set up a new clinic then it should ideally have the following equipment and consumables -


1. Illumination and Lightning for Examination -

Examination lights are very useful for physician and surgeons. They allow them to examine the patient and visualize tissue colour differences. These lights can be portable with moveable stand or can be wall-mounted or table mounted.

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2. Privacy Screens and Examination Tables 

These are the important medical equipment that helps in the examination of a patient in the clinic. Medical tables are generally adjustable and privacy screens provide privacy during the examination of the patient.

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3. Blood Pressure Monitors 

BP Monitors can be manual or digital and allow the routine monitoring of patient’s blood pressure along with other parameters such as heart rate etc.

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4. Stethoscopes 

Stethoscopes are used to hear sounds like heartbeats, chest functioning, intestinal movements etc. These are the most widely used tools for diagnostic purpose. Stethoscopes for doctors are available in various models with a wide range of different features and specifications useful for various specialities such as cardiology, paediatrics etc.

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5. Weighing scales and Height Measurers 

These scales are used to measure the height and weight of a patient in the clinic.

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6. Thermometers 

These medical equipment are essential for reading the temperature of patients. They include axillary thermometers, oral thermometers, forehead thermometers, rectal thermometers etc.

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7. Physical Examination tools 

This includes medical equipment and tools for physical examination such as Snellen’s Charts, Percussion Hammers, Tuning Fork, Ophthalmological equipment, Diagnostic sets, Women’s health examination equipment, Ear Nose and throat examination equipment, etc. These can be purchased based on the area of the practice and specialization of the clinician.

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8. Monitoring Systems 

These include common monitoring equipment in clinics such as Pulse Oximeters, ECG Machines etc. that can monitor vital parameters of a patient.

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9. Dressings and Wound Care   

Wound care dressings promote healing and form a barrier between the wound and the surroundings. There is a wide range of wound care dressings available online such as rolled bandages, crepe bandage, gauze swabs, nanocrystalline silver dressings, transparent film dressings, mesh dressings, absorbent dressings, etc.

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10. Medical Grade Gloves 

Medical grade gloves protect health care practitioners from transmissible and bloodborne diseases by serving as a crucial barrier between their hands and the contaminated area. Latex Gloves and Nitrile Gloves are the most commonly used gloves by doctors and healthcare practitioners.

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