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OMRON microAir U100 handheld nebuliser


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A small, portable nebuliser that helps to efficiently treat respiratory conditions from a simple cough to asthma.

The OMRON MicroAir U100 is a compact, portable nebuliser that features unique mesh technology that helps to treat respiratory conditions such as asthma, COPD and bronchitis. The MicroAir U100 is battery operated and virtually silent enabling discreet use at home out and about.

The unique mesh technology of the OMRON MicroAir U100 is more efficient* and more comfortable to use than traditional nebulisers as the mesh boasts 6000 microscopic holes which helps the liquid medication to be pushed at high speed through the mesh and form a mist of tiny aerosol droplets which are easy to inhale.

The revolutionary sleek and refined design of the OMRON U100 allows for 360° operation. With this 360° operation you are able to use the handheld nebuliser at various angles including lying down which makes for a more comfortable use specially for smaller children.

*Compared to most compressor nebulisers.

Additional Information
Additional Features

Features OMRON microAir U100 handheld nebuliser

  • Efficient medication deposition in the lungs
  • One button operation
  • Treats respiratory conditions of the lower airways such as asthma, COPD, bronchitis
  • Silent, enabling discreet use
  • 360° operation: inhalation is possible in any position
  • Contains unique mesh technology
  • Battery-operated
  • Portable and pocket sized
  • What's included
    • OMRON microAir U100 nebuliser unit
    • Unite cover
    • Medication container
    • Mesh cap
    • Mask adapter
    • Mouthpiece
    • Adult mask (PVC)
    • Child mask (PVC)
    • Travel pouch with zip and blue trim
    • 2 x AA batteries
    • Instruction manual
    • Quick set-up guide
  • Specifications

    • Nebuliser type: mesh nebuliser
    • Targeted respiratory airways: lower airways - asthma, bronchitis, bronchiolitis and COPD
    • Nebuliser rate: <0.25ml/min
    • Aerosol % <5í«µ: 4.5í«µ
    • Medication quantities: 1-10ml
    • Mains operated: optional
    • Sound: 20dB
    • Height: 15.00cm
    • Length: 7.00cm
    • Depth: 17.00cm
    • Weight: 580.00g
    • Warranty: 3 years
  • Suitable for

    • Adults and children under supervision.
  • Warnings and cautions

    • Keep out if sight and reach of unsupervised children
    • Do not use lithium batteries
    • Do not operate the nebuliser with the medicine container empty
    • Always dispose of any left-over medication after use and use fresh medication each use
    • Do not touch the vibrating element when the device is active
    • For human use only - do not use on animals
    • Do not use on persons who may be unconscious or are not breathing spontaneously
    • For further information and details on the OMRON MicroAir U100 handheld nebuliser please read the enclosed user manual
  • How to use

    Cleaning and disinfecting:

    1. If this is the first time using your MicroAir U100 ensure that the products parts are cleaned before use. If the device is used for more than one person or hasn't been used for an extended period of time, make sure the device parts are cleaned before use.
    2. For how to clean and disinfect your microAirU100 please ready the instruction manual included.

    Starting the treatment:

    1. If the treatment is for a child, an adult's supervision is required for the complete treatment.
    2. Fill the MicroAir U100 with the prescribed amount of medication*.
    3. Tilt the unit slightly so the vibrating element is immersed in the medication**.
    4. Place the mouthpiece in your mouth or place the mask over your nose and mouth.
    5. Press the ON/OFF button once to start the treatment - a green light indicator will light during nebulisation.
    6. Breathe in slowly and deeply so that the medication reaches deep into the lungs. Hold your breath briefly, then slowly breathe out while removing the mouthpiece or mask.
    7. Once the treatment is completed turn off the device by pressing the ON/OFF button once.

    *Please see instructions manual enclosed.
    **After the vibrating element has been immersed the unit can be used under any angle. In some positions (e.g. upright) nebulisation may stop after a short period of time. If this occurs tilt the unit again to re-immerse the vibrating element in medication.

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