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  • otc

    Range of over the counter products for pain relief, cold & flu, nicotine replacement products.

  • Medical

    All types of Essential Medical Equipment & Consumables available at Low Price.

  • Household

    Home equipment and supplies, with expert knowledge and quality products run a better care of your house.

  • Toiletries

    Everyday Essentials. Dental. Haircare. Hair Removal. Deodorants. Washing & Bathing. Feminine Care.

  • Family Planning

    One-stop shop for education, health and family resources about sexual health, contraception, relationships, growing up and more.

  • Plasters & Dressings

    Medication & Remedies. First Aid. Plasters & Dressing Supplies. Dressing Pads. Elastic Bandages. Finger Cots. First Aid Tape.

  • Sterile Dressing Packs

    Dressit Sterile Dressing Packs - Includes large apron, white disposable bag, pair of latex free gloves, paper towel, absorbant pad & more.

  • Mother & Baby

    Best maternity products, from pillows to creams and oils, & more.

Why Choose AHP Medicals?

AHP Medicals is your one-stop shop for your healthcare needs. As well as stocking a wide range of over-the-counter medication and treatments, we also work with leading cosmetics and lifestyle brands. From your every day and specialist skincare treatments to essential vitamins and toiletries; AHP Medicals has partnered with leading household brands and manufacturers as well as emerging ones.

We pride ourselves with our dedication to our customers. Both our customer support team and in-house pharmacy team are on hand to support you when picking the right medication and remedies.

Whether you're looking for a new skincare treatment or your children's flu medicine, do so with complete convenience and privacy with AHP Medicals.