We've been trusted with manufacturing and supplying medical products to medical professionals around the globe for further than half a century – and with good reason. As a leading supplier to the NHS and private sector for Anaesthesia, Surgery, Podiatry & General Medical products, we control every aspect of our product and service immolation. Our fidelity to furnishing high- quality instruments together with a position of service that's alternate to none ensures that you can spend your time and trouble on what's most important, patient care.

Your cases do n’t want their care to be compromised so we don't compromise on quality, service or specification. And we know your commitment to patient care matches ours.

  • Air Cushion, Hook Ring Size

    Price:- £32.79 (Excl Vat)

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  • Midwifery Set Pink (Complete)

    Price:- £37.60 (Excl Vat)

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  • Adult Cuff for use with D05.205

    Price:- £4.81 (Excl Vat)

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  • 300M Hand Held Pulse Oximeter

    Price:- £191.22 (Excl Vat)

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  • Diamond Infant Stethoscope

    Price:- £15.17 (Excl Vat)

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  • Digital Thermometer Flexible

    Price:- £19.37 (Excl Vat)

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