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White Metal Indoor Cabinet Alarm

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White Metal Indoor Cabinet Alarm.

What’s Included?

  • Functional and Well Designed
  • Dimensions: W360mm x H360mm x D200mm
  • Heavy Powder Coating
  • Materials for Wall Mounting included

Product Details

The AED Armor White Metal Indoor Cabinet with Alarm gives you the added safety feature of an alarm that sounds once the cabinet is opened. This will reassure the first responder knowing that bystanders in close proximity will be notified of the emergency situation.

Universally designed, this cabinet is Ideal for storing defibrillators regardless of the manufacturer or brand. The cabinet guarantees that your device will be well guarded whilst being clearly visible to staff and members of the public.

Key Features

  • Ideal cabinet for most defibrillator manufacturers and models.
  • Strong metal cabinet provides a seamless look.
  • Audible alarm triggers when the cabinet door is opened.
  • Aluminium hand grip engraved with logo.
  • Clear glass front ensures that everyone can see the lifesaving AED inside.

How to use



Dimensions : W:380mm H:380mm D:200mm.

Weight : 5kg.

Electronic features

Alarm : Acoustic.

Power supply : 3x Button Cell Batteries LR44.

Output :105 dB.

Materials used

Cabinet shell : Metal.

Paint : Powder coating.

Hinge : Aluminum.

Window : Plastic.

Operating/storage temperature : From 5°C to 30°C.

The type of steel used : Cold rolled steel Q235.

Thickness : 1mm without powder coating.

This cabinet is to be mounted on a wall in a location of your choice to guarantee your defibrillator with optimum protection, and is an effective way to store your device in a secure yet clearly visible place.

Why is it important that an AED is easy to locate?

It is vital to close the time between the collapse of the victim and the time it takes for them to receive treatment as much as possible. The immediate moments following a cardiac arrest are the most crucial, with survival chances decreasing by approximately 10% per minute without correct treatment. Easy location and retrieval of the device will ensure the victim receives prompt treatment, increasing their chances of survival. The cabinet’s alarm will also trigger when you open the cabinet, alerting members of the public that there is an emergency situation and prompting them to assist you through the rescue process.

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