The excitement of owning a stethoscope that distinctly identifies a health care expert is something that most medical students remember for their entire career. However, most medical students encounter this diagnostic equipment in the first year physiology class, the thrill of owning it remain till the last day of their career and beyond that. Due to the availability of various specifications and options of stethoscope available in the market, it becomes a tedious task to select the right stethoscope during medical school and it often confuses students. Apart from being a momentous occasion, there are various criteria that need to be considered while buying your first stethoscope.

Many medical students start with an affordable stethoscope and upgrade to a more superior one as they get more experienced. Ideally, the usability, durability, weight and price are the key features that need to be kept in mind while buying a stethoscope for medical students. After the fundamental specifications

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