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  1. January 20, 2021

    7 Home Care Medical Supplies You Should Have at Home

    To care for someone at home, you need to have well-stocked first-aid supplies to make you prepare for daily tasks and unexpected emergencies. With home care medical supplies online UK you can handle common injuries responsively. Keep at least one first aid kit in your home, office, to make sure that your home is well-equipped in case of a medical emergency.

    AHP Medicals is an online medical equipment supplier UK for all of your home care equipment need. For the situation, you can treat on your own here is a list of the homecare medical supplies you should always keep easily accessible in your home.

    1.First Aid Kit 

    Every household should have at least one first aid kit at home in case of an emergency. So that you can stabilize

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  2. January 05, 2021

    Types of Medical Trolley

    The medical healthcare, hospital industry has wide use of Medical Trolleys. The medical trolleys are used to transport medical equipment, surgery accessories, and medical supplies. The medication trolleys are manufactured in different types including surgical trolleys, dressing trolleys, General purpose trolleys, Treatment trolleys, ECG Trolleys, Storage trolleys.

    A Hospital medical trolley has a variety of uses in the hospital industry. From patient recovery trolleys and large trolleys used for the transportation of heavy pieces of equipment to small trolleys used for storing medical files. There is a wide range of Medical Trolley Uk available in AHP Medicals online store which can be used for a range of purposes.



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  3. October 16, 2020

    Why AHP Medicals is Best for YOU ?

    AHP Medical Supplies Ltd. is a leading medical supply company based in United Kingdom having trading name as Advanced Health Products. We aim to serve YOU with the right choice of equipment and ensure all possible support from our side even after sales. The online store of AHP Medicals, available at , is developed in such a concise yet simple manner that placing orders to buy medical equipment online never stays an arduous task for the people. It is the customer’s satisfaction at the end of the day that we target to be achieved.


    The concept of YOU for AHP Medicals team is defined yet stays undefined. You, our customer, could be a method teacher wanting to demonstrate instruments or equipments and their usage in first-aid drills to students at school. You could also be a responsible employer at your o

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