AHP Medical Supplies Ltd. is a leading medical supply company based in United Kingdom having trading name as Advanced Health Products. We aim to serve YOU with the right choice of equipment and ensure all possible support from our side even after sales. The online store of AHP Medicals, available at www.ahpmedicals.com , is developed in such a concise yet simple manner that placing orders to buy medical equipment online never stays an arduous task for the people. It is the customer’s satisfaction at the end of the day that we target to be achieved.


The concept of YOU for AHP Medicals team is defined yet stays undefined. You, our customer, could be a method teacher wanting to demonstrate instruments or equipments and their usage in first-aid drills to students at school. You could also be a responsible employer at your organisation wanting to ensure safety of your workers and keeping adequate supplies of medical items. You could be an aspiring medical professional setting up a new clinic and looking for quality products for a safe environment. You could be a fully functioning hospital looking for regular supplies to replenish your stocks of disposables, surgical instruments, IV & injections, and similar articles of use. YOU could be anyone out there in need of buying medical supplies online and we at AHP Medicals perform exactly the same task.

What makes AHP Medicals different ?

The team of experts at AHP Medicals are seasoned professionals with years of experience in understanding customers’ needs. A panel of customer support staff work round the clock to assist the customers online by resolving their queries. AHP Medicals team has ensured that only the genuine and premium quality medical items are reaching the doors of our customers by collaborating with the equipment manufacturers who directly ship the package from their warehouses. We care for general public and as a mark of respect we have offered a 30 day instant credit for schools, NHS, and other government entities. AHP Medicals also has diversity in options of top brands including 3M Littmann, Labcold, Omron, Seca, Keeler, etc. around the globe in our stock for the customers to choose from. With the easy to use website interface, order placing has never been easier for the customers. The delivery is made on time with precision by our own shipping service at very cost-effective and reasonable prices. The feature to be able to track the shipment along the way takes the cherry from the cake!

Where to reach AHP Medicals ?

In the testing time of the pandemic, we have realised the hurdles that customers face and the risks involved in outdoor shopping. Hence, we are available on all social media platforms and our functioning website is www.ahpmedicals.com .

We could be reached by telephone on 0207 378 6172 .

Also, for bulk orders and any additional enquiries, our email id is sales@ahpmedicals.com.

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