As we are getting more aware about the health & fitness of our bodies, this object often crosses our minds – Scales. Not just any but weighing scales that have been in use in multitude of disciplines. Here at AHP Medicals, our specialisation lies in the availability & distribution of various weighing scales, making us eligible to verify & answer the question that Yes, scales are in fact very much relevant today. At our online store, , we prefer to use and provide only the branded and time trusted brands such as Seca.

What is the benefit of modern Scales?

Apart from the usual function that even a weighing machine can perform, scales themselves are very sophisticated & deliver a wide range of features. The modern Seca scales are robust in design & are made of strong reinforced material that ensures heavy loads are dealt as smoothly & firmly as it gets. The high precision ratings of our scales are a major factor that sets them much ahead from their counterparts. The hardware bodies are durable & meant to last long. Both mechanical & electronic scales feature a huge dial/display to facilitate in ease of reading observations. It also eradicates the chances of parallax error.

Most of the scales available are developed to be on a low profile & a wide platform, keeping the ergonomics in mind. The integrated scales are compatible with all major operating systems & support multiple settings to choose from. All scales can easily & accurately measure up to 300 kilograms, & larger scales support even more load bearing capacity. Another major factor of their benefit it the wide scope of their usability in hospitals, nursing homes, medical colleges, and homes as well.

What types of scales are available?

Seca, through our online store, provides multitude of scales that function either electronically or mechanically. Some integrated ones employ the principles of both to provide precise readings. Seca products also include the carry cases for your valuable article, available in the form of pouches, bags, or backpacks.

Apart from these, various more scales are available in industry which is provided through AHP Medical’s website, such as the following:

  • Hand rail based scales
  • Flat scales – Several scales are available such as plain type, customisable name label type, double display type, etc.
  • Baby & Toddler scales
  • Bed & Dialysis scales
  • Organ scales
  • Column scales
  • Scales for trolleys & stretchers
  • Wireless scales – The variants of such scales make them convenient to use anywhere and let data be recorded anywhere.
  • Integrated scales – These are combination of various type of scales including change in function & data transmission.

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At AHP Medicals, we take online orders for medical equipments in UK & promise to deliver our products safely on time as well. Seca is a widely popular & trusted brand dealing in these scales & we provide them on reasonable rates for our valuable customers.