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  1. October 16, 2020

    Why AHP Medicals is Best for YOU ?

    AHP Medical Supplies Ltd. is a leading medical supply company based in United Kingdom having trading name as Advanced Health Products. We aim to serve YOU with the right choice of equipment and ensure all possible support from our side even after sales. The online store of AHP Medicals, available at , is developed in such a concise yet simple manner that placing orders to buy medical equipment online never stays an arduous task for the people. It is the customer’s satisfaction at the end of the day that we target to be achieved.


    The concept of YOU for AHP Medicals team is defined yet stays undefined. You, our customer, could be a method teacher wanting to demonstrate instruments or equipments and their usage in first-aid drills to students at school. You could also be a responsible employer at your o

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  2. October 02, 2020

    A Quick Check-List of Medical Equipment Items for Setting up a New Clinic

    There are various parameters that you need to consider while setting up a new clinic. Having a checklist for all these essentials will make sure that the clinic has a great opening and seamless functioning. Location, marketing strategies, surroundings are of prime importance while starting a new clinic, next comes the importance of medical equipment that will be handy in the clinic. This will make your clinic well-equipped and well prepared for unexpected and most miscellaneous situations.

    Setting up a clinic is not an easy task. But it brings immense satisfaction once you’ve fixed your heart on setting up your own health care centre. This will not only provide you with the ability to help patients and interact with them personally but that too within a work schedule suitable for you. Once you have finalized the right location, finances and documentation in place, its time to focus on the kind of medical equipment and supplies your clinic has. Though you may find good quality m

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