1. March 17, 2021

    Which Littmann Stethoscope is the Best to Buy?

    Stethoscopes may be one of the most common pieces of medical equipment, but that doesn’t mean buying the right stethoscope is simple. It’s a big decision and one whose repercussions can last your career. The current 3M Littmann range of stethoscopes is made up of 9 different models and knowing which one is right for your needs as a GP, nurse, surgeon, paramedic or any other type of healthcare professional can be tricky.

    This guide will walk you through important considerations which Littmann stethoscope are best to choose.

    1. Littmann Classic III

    The Littmann Classic III is the latest version of the stethoscope that's been trusted by millions of medical professionals worldwide.

    The Classic III introduces a brand new design, improved materials and enhanced technology to the Littmann range, allowing clinicians to achieve their best.

    The Littmann Cla

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  2. December 16, 2020

    How does a Stethoscope Work?

    Doesn’t matter if you are a medical student, doctor or a normal person. Checking the health of your family members and for your kids is essential and if you know how a stethoscope works, it can be a huge plus for you! A stethoscope is a remarkable simple device as it helps you to monitor someone’s heart and lungs. A stethoscope has changed little since its innovation and still it is a valuable diagnostic tool. Littmann Stethoscopes UK are manufactured worldwide for high Performance. Littmann stethoscope is no doubt a dominant force within the stethoscope industry.

    AHP Medicals is the best place to buy Littmann Stethoscope and other online medical supplies in Uk.


    Digital Stethoscope

    Auscultation is a sound that is generated by the all over the body, specially a sound that is generated by the lun

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  3. October 02, 2020

    A Quick Check-List of Medical Equipment Items for Setting up a New Clinic

    There are various parameters that you need to consider while setting up a new clinic. Having a checklist for all these essentials will make sure that the clinic has a great opening and seamless functioning. Location, marketing strategies, surroundings are of prime importance while starting a new clinic, next comes the importance of medical equipment that will be handy in the clinic. This will make your clinic well-equipped and well prepared for unexpected and most miscellaneous situations.

    Setting up a clinic is not an easy task. But it brings immense satisfaction once you’ve fixed your heart on setting up your own health care centre. This will not only provide you with the ability to help patients and interact with them personally but that too within a work schedule suitable for you. Once you have finalized the right location, finances and documentation in place, its time to focus on the kind of medical equipment and supplies your clinic has. Though you may find good quality m

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  4. August 19, 2020

    How to Choose the Best Stethoscope for Medical Students?

    The excitement of owning a stethoscope that distinctly identifies a health care expert is something that most medical students remember for their entire career. However, most medical students encounter this diagnostic equipment in the first year physiology class, the thrill of owning it remain till the last day of their career and beyond that. Due to the availability of various specifications and options of stethoscope available in the market, it becomes a tedious task to select the right stethoscope during medical school and it often confuses students. Apart from being a momentous occasion, there are various criteria that need to be considered while buying your first stethoscope.

    Many medical students start with an affordable stethoscope and upgrade to a more superior one as they get more experienced. Ideally, the usability, durability, weight and price are the key features that need to be kept in mind while buying a stethoscope for medical students. After the fundamental specifications

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