Doesn’t matter if you are a medical student, doctor or a normal person. Checking the health of your family members and for your kids is essential and if you know how a stethoscope works, it can be a huge plus for you! A stethoscope is a remarkable simple device as it helps you to monitor someone’s heart and lungs. A stethoscope has changed little since its innovation and still it is a valuable diagnostic tool. Littmann Stethoscopes UK are manufactured worldwide for high Performance. Littmann stethoscope is no doubt a dominant force within the stethoscope industry.

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Digital Stethoscope

Auscultation is a sound that is generated by the all over the body, specially a sound that is generated by the lungs or by the heart. A basic goal of digital stethoscopes is to have it retain the look and feel of an acoustic stethoscope but improve the listening performance. Digital stethoscopes provide audio recording and playback capabilities. It can also connect with a computer monitor to visually display the results.


How Does a Digital Stethoscope Work?

It is a Y Shaped flexible plastic tube which is composed of : A Chest Piece, A Pair of Earpiece, a tube and a tube connecting them.


  • Chest Piece - It is placed on the chest area or on the back to listen to the high pitched sounds of the patient's heart or lungs.
  • Earpiece - With the help of the ear pieces, doctors listen to these sounds.
  • Stethoscope’s Tube - Patient’s heart or lungs sounds travels up these tubes to the earpieces and help doctors to understand the actual condition of the body.

And when you ask yourself What stethoscope should I get? The Littmann Stethoscope UK is known for its superb acoustics, innovative and exceptional performance in the stethoscope industry.


Electronic Stethoscope

Three types of stethoscopes are currently in the market - Traditional, digital and electronic. The sound system of traditional stethoscopes is very low, so the electrical stethoscope was made to overcome this problem with the help of advanced technology by electronically amplifying body sounds.


How Does a Electronic Stethoscope Work?

  • An electronic stethoscope helps the low body sounds levels by electronically amplifying them.
  • It converts the acoustic sound waves which are received by the chest piece into electric signals, and amplifies them for the optimal listening.

Now with the help of quality Littmann Stethoscope UK it is possible to listen not only to crystal clear heart sounds, but to record, playback and store or share the digital auscultation sounds.


How Does Stethoscope Works for Kids?

It's frustrating for parents to see their child battling in illness and not to know how to help or how serious it is. Knowing working of the stethoscope can help you to handle this condition. A stethoscope is an instrument that is used by doctors to measure heart and lungs beat. On a very basic level, with the help of Littmann Stethoscope UK, you could give peace to your mind and help yourself to measure your child’s health in no time.

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