Medical institutions function heavily on their full capacities, working tirelessly round the clock. They require good quality infrastructure that is durable and long lasting without any malfunctioning. A crucial part of medical infrastructure is the furniture. The furnishing inside hospitals is not limited to stretchers or beds. Rather, it is a wide array of different essential items that find their place in the core utilities for medical professionals, patients, visitors, and supporting staff.


Various Materials Used in Medical Furniture

The furniture used in hospitals varies in material composition as per the utility of the product as well as the surrounding area.

Most common material used is stainless steel. It offers multiple benefits like being light weight and providing better strength. It is durable and is easily mouldable in desired shapes. It is mostly used as patient beds, tool stands, railings, and in seating areas for visitors. Despite being the classic and most widely used furniture material, it is now being replaced by a better option.

Soft and hard plastic items are very much popular among the healthcare fraternity as it can be easily sanitised, the strength could be varied as per the thickness of the material in use, and it is almost always transparent, allowing the administration to put it between cubicles to create isolation wards and ICU wards as well.


Medical Furniture Products

The variety of products in use today and the application possible with multiple materials for hospital furniture is unending. Several items are possible to be considered as hospital furniture such as stretchers, revolving stools, wheel chairs, examination table, dressing trolleys, bedside lockers, dust bins, instrument trolleys, and similar products.

1. Hospital Bed

The beds in hospitals are an essential item for functioning. Useful in all wards, these beds come in all sizes as Paediatric Cots, Bariatric Cots, and Community Beds.

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2. Hospital Chair

Chairs aid in relaxing the tired person and find use in receptions as Visitor Chairs. Dentists make use of chair embedded systems known as Patient chair or Treatment Chairs.

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3. Hospital Trolley

 Trolleys in all shapes and sizes find application in hospital working. Used to hold surgical tools, dressing packets, or equipment such as ECG, Cylinder, etc. this furniture is diversely helpful.

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4. Hospital Table

Tables in hospitals are general purpose furniture that is kept near patient as Overbed Tables, in multiple designs and adjustment settings.




The morgue finds most use of plastic and metals to store the deceased and other remains. The administration finds use of tables, chairs, stools, and barracks to store the paper data in their rooms. The healthcare professionals depend on the availability of whole ecosystem of medical furniture to work. They rely on beds and trolleys to find the patient and their required medicines and injections, they use high stands to hang the IV bags, blood bags, and patient medical file for better access to data.

Overall, medical furniture plays a crucial role in the functioning of the hospital on a regular basis.

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