The medical healthcare, hospital industry has wide use of Medical Trolleys. The medical trolleys are used to transport medical equipment, surgery accessories, and medical supplies. The medication trolleys are manufactured in different types including surgical trolleys, dressing trolleys, General purpose trolleys, Treatment trolleys, ECG Trolleys, Storage trolleys.

A Hospital medical trolley has a variety of uses in the hospital industry. From patient recovery trolleys and large trolleys used for the transportation of heavy pieces of equipment to small trolleys used for storing medical files. There is a wide range of Medical Trolley Uk available in AHP Medicals online store which can be used for a range of purposes.


1.Surgical Trolley

A surgical trolley is used to place surgery equipment near to a surgeon, during a surgery in an operation theatre. These trolleys are made of stainless steel which is ideal for use in clinical environments and operation theatres. All medical equipment related to the operation is loaded in the trolley and a wireless remote is used to drive it forward and backward to make operation equipment easily approachable to the surgeon.

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2. Dressing Trolley

After the surgery or any operation, various instruments are needed for dressing including antiseptic, dressing set, washing solutions, a waste bin for infectious garbage, a waste bin for noninfectious garbage, medicines, bedpans, safe disposal trash for sharp cutting instruments, and other necessary drugs. All these accessories are laid out in a single trolley - Dressing Trolley.

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3.Treatment Trolley

A treatment trolley is a medical cart or wheel storage unit to carry patient treatment material. In hospitals and healthcare facilities, these medication trolleys are used for the quick, mobile treatment of patients in various services. Others are prepared for a single form of therapy, such as emergency or intravenous treatment, while others have several functions in mind. For use in a number of scenarios, modular models are easily convertible.

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4.ECG Trolley

ECG Medical trolleys are used to provide easy transport for ECG Machines and accessories. Good quality ECG Trolleys are designed to provide plenty of space, comforts, and adjustable heights to take care of all different needs of medical staff.

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5.Storage Trolley

The medical industry relies on a number of specialized equipment and devices which are used in operations. Storage Medical trolleys play a very important role in securely handling medical personnel, moving and easy access to medications, to store medical records and other essential equipment.

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