The advent of refrigeration technology has a great impact on the modern lifestyle. It not only keeps our food from getting spoiled but has also offered great help in the medical industry.

Nowadays, medical industry utilizes a lot of refrigeration equipment in various forms such as for storing test samples, reagents and other medical equipment. However, medical refrigerators are designed specifically for medical enterprises and are not the same as the kitchen refrigerators.

Do you know, it was actually a doctor who invented refrigeration technology. The credits for its invention goes to a Scottish doctor William Cullen. In the 1720s he discovered that a mechanical refrigerator can be created with the help of evaporation. This was the basic principle of refrigeration technology, since then the technology has come a long way.

Safe storage of medical supplies requires a specific type of refrigerator that’s made only for medical or lab purpose. These special fridges provide an optimized solution for various storage issues, as well as temperature stability.


What is a Medical Refrigerator and how it is different from Kitchen Refrigerator?

Medical-grade refrigerators are not similar to the standard fridges we see in our homes. It offers a lot more than the latter. Medical refrigerators are different as they maintain a consistent temperature which is crucial for storing sensitive items such as samples and vaccine, that can’t handle too much fluctuations in temperature. They also come with alarms to alert staff for any possible issues, such as unexpected up and down in temperature, or door left unclosed. This enables the operators to take quick action if something goes wrong.

However, these errors are less likely to occur as medical-grade fridges are designed to be sturdier. It’s very important that the medical fridge holds up well with repeated usage otherwise the lab or medical centre can face a huge expense of replacement if a fridge goes out of order. Therefore they’re made using high-quality sturdy parts.

Unlike kitchen fridges, medical grade fridges have separate compressors for both refrigerator and freezer. Medical fridges also comprise of more accurate temperature readings and more delicate temperature controls.


What things you can store in a Medical Refrigerator?

You can store different temperature-sensitive items in a medical refrigerator. Your lab’s needs specify what you’ll store in a medical fridge. This can be vaccines, plasma, blood-related products, medicines, tissue samples, treatment equipment etc. This is why medical fridges are an essential part of modern medicine.


Factors to consider while choosing a Medical Refrigerator

You need to consider a lot of factors while choosing from the different types of medical fridges. Below are some factors which will help you to find the best medical fridge for you.


1. Temperature Requirements

Before you buy medical fridge make sure to have a note of ideal temperature ranges of things that you’ll be storing in it. Different vaccines, equipment and samples require different temperature. The stability of the medical fridge clearly depends upon the least possible temperature differences.


2. Location

The location where the fridge is going to be placed also plays a significant role when you buy medical refrigerator. Some models are designed to be assembled into the lab, while some are freestanding medical fridges. Based on the placement, their temperature control system may vary, for example large built-in refrigeration system requires exterior fans, while freestanding models don’t need them as they have plenty of airflow around them. Therefore it is very important to measure your space and then consider the design of fridge.


3. Temperature Monitors

Keeping the accurate track of inside temperature is one of the most important features of medical fridges. Therefore the temperature sensors need to be accurate all the times. Ensure that the thermometer of the fridge you buy is properly calibrated.


4. Storage Design

Storage design is another important consideration for a medical refrigerator. It varies depending upon the size of the item that will be stored in it. This can range from storing small samples to storing large containers. Proper management of temperature along with the proper organization of items it the key.

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