To care for someone at home, you need to have well-stocked first-aid supplies to make you prepare for daily tasks and unexpected emergencies. With home care medical supplies online UK you can handle common injuries responsively. Keep at least one first aid kit in your home, office, to make sure that your home is well-equipped in case of a medical emergency.

AHP Medicals is an online medical equipment supplier UK for all of your home care equipment need. For the situation, you can treat on your own here is a list of the homecare medical supplies you should always keep easily accessible in your home.

1.First Aid Kit 

Every household should have at least one first aid kit at home in case of an emergency. So that you can stabilize the person before seeking further help in the hospital. A basic first aid kit may contain safety pins, scissors, alcohol-free cleansing wipes, sticky tapes, plasters in a variety of different sizes and shapes, bandages, dressing equipment, tweezers, thermometers, creams, tablets, eyewash, sanitizers, painkillers, etc.

At AHP Medicals, there is a wide range of first aid supplies available online which can be used for a range of purposes.

Note: The components in the first aid kit should always remain sterile.



Hygiene plays an important role in our health. On those days when your loved one not allowed to be moved into a shower or bathtub, Wound cleansing home care equipment

will help to maintain personal hygiene.

Get the right wound care supplies online UK including a wound care dressing pack (Large, Small, Medium), 3M Micropore Paper tapes, Healing Creams and gels, and many more in affordable price.


3. Digital Thermometer

It is important to have a digital thermometer in your first aid supplies in order to detect and prevent fever and illness of a person with a vulnerable immune system. Whether it’s your child or other elder people in the home, if they don’t show any indication of fever, a Digital thermometer is especially important to manage such occurrences at home. 

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4. Blood Pressure Kit

Hypotensions and Hypertension are a common blood pressure state that is visible almost every adult at some point of their life. High blood pressure can cause serious heart-related diseases like heart attack, heart stroke. Hence earlier detection of actual blood pressure is vital in preventing serious complications that can arise. Knowing your pulse rate and blood pressure is a major thing to lead a happy, healthy, and fit life.

In-home care equipment, a Blood pressure kit is a must-have, for those who are suffering serious blood pressure problems. Having a blood pressure monitor or Pulse Oximeter will always serve you best at such a time.


5. Gloves

Gloves help you to provide an important barricade towards contact with an unhygienic surface. Gloves can be both disposable and Non- Disposable type.  At AHP Medicals, a medical equipment supplier UK you can purchase medical gloves that will protect you from direct contact, keeping you safe from disease.


6. Eyewash Kits Stations

Whenever we think about home care supplies, Eye Wash Kit more often overlooked. Don’t forget the Eyewash! Having something handy to wash out the ocular surface should be on everyone’s home medical supplies list. Stock eyewash solutions and eyewash sterile kit to handle any eye-related problems at home.

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7.First Aid Kits Brackets Accessories

AHP Medicals is a one-time store to find a wide range of first aid supplies in medical supplies online UK in an affordable price range. First-Aid-Kits-Brackets-Accessories contains a rescue kit, Defibrillator wall sticker, Metal indoor cabinet alarms, shelf for the large case, and many more.

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