Basically, gynecology is a field of medicine that involves the treatment of diseases related to women, especially their reproductive system. Also, the word comes from a Greek word meaning, 'the science of women.' It can be subdivided into many parts such as oncology, maternal medicine, and maternal-fetal medicine. Just like other medicare fields, gynecology also involves the use of a wide variety of instruments known as gynecology instruments. You can buy this medical equipment from many online medical shops available in the UK. One of them is 'AHP medicals' which serves its customers with cheap & affordable priced gynecology instruments with safe & fast delivery.

Gynecology Instruments: Uses

Some of the gynecology instruments, along with their important uses are as listed below:

  • Artery Forceps: The artery forceps are generally used as a hemostat during hemorrhage to clamp the bleeding vessels together. They are also used for grabbing delicate tissues and opening and closing of peritoneum while grasping the tissues during operation. They are also used for holding stay sutures. For controlling the blood flow, a special kind of artery forceps known as curved artery forceps have been made which clamp and restrict the arteries.
  • Ayre's Spatula: While screening the carcinoma cervix, a pap smear sample is taken with the help of Ayre's spatula. It can be used only a single time & should be disposed of after every use. Its long end is inserted into the cervical canal and the other side broad end is used for checking the hormonal status obtained from the lateral vagina cells.
  • Fallopian Ring Applicator: The main purpose of the fallopian ring applicator is tubal ligation. In laparoscopic tubal ligation, it is used to apply silastic bands to the fallopian tube.
  • Cusco's Speculum: It is basically used to view the female cervix and can be reused. In the OPD examination, it is mostly used with limiting applications in the procedures of Pap smear, removal, and insertion of copper.
  • Doyen's Retractor: During the operations related to the female reproductive system, the Doyen's retractor is used for the retraction (as clear by the name also) of the bladder. It is most commonly used for the procedures such as laparotomy, abdominal hysterectomy, cesarean section deliveries, and many ectopic pregnancies.
  • Hegar's Dilator: It is used to dilate the cervical canal before performing the evacuation operation during lots of procedures.
  • Needle Holder: A needle holder, also known as a needle driver is also a gynecology surgical instrument that is very similar to a hemostat. Doctors and surgeons use it for holding the suturing needle during the suturing operations for closing wounds and many other surgeries.
  • Cheatle Forceps: Cheatle forceps are one of the gynecology surgical instruments which are basically used for removing the sterilized equipment from boilers and formalin cabinets. They are also used for making sure that every item is removed properly and the remaining ones aren't infected and at their exact place. When not in use, the forceps are placed in a separate container of methylated spirits.

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