The bio-medical refrigerators are medical equipment that is used for storing a variety of biological origin samples like blood, its derivatives, its reagents, vaccines, RBA (Ribonucleic acid), DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), flammable chemicals, and medicines. Now, what comes to the front is the question that what particular thing makes a fridge of medical grade. It is a microprocessor temperature controller fitted inside medical refrigerators and freezers which includes so many standard alarms.

Important Benefits of Medical Refrigerators and Freezers

Medical refrigerators and freezers serve lots of significant benefits. Some of them are as follows:

1. Consistent Cold Chain

The medical refrigerators and freezers serve a consistent cold chain to the biologics such as blood transfusions, vaccines, and many more used in the medical field. Actually, a cold chain supply system makes sure that the controlled storage facilities and distribution channels are provided to the medicals at the proper time. Several steps can also be taken by the medical facilities to build a protective shield for the cold chain by making properly controlling inventories. Also, as per the Immunization Technical Support Unit of the central health ministry, today, more than 25% of the Indian vaccines lose their potency due to poor storage facilities. Hence, it becomes more necessary to have proper temperature conditions.

2. Effective Maintenance of Temperature & Alarms

Temperature plays a substantial part in the stability of several compounds. Any kind of temperature swings can destroy the biologics and can also make the vaccinations ineffective. Hence, to solve this problem, medical refrigerators and freezers come with a built-in temperature controller and indicator. To minimize the chances of lost potency and efficacy, it helps in maintaining the temperature of the storage unit constantly on its own. Due to this, the temperature also stays in its safe zone.

3. Better Ventilation

As known that the standard household refrigerators come with glass shelves fitted inside them. They are very suitable for the preservation of foods but can sometimes also lead to uneven temperatures. Hence, to solve this issue, refrigerators and freezers used in pharmaceuticals are built to have proper ventilation. The wire shelves and baskets with holes are used in them. To ensure uniform circulation all over the equipment, fan-forced air circulation and air cooling vents are also present. But always remember do not ever overfill your refrigerated unit as it can lead to chaos.

4. Power Failure Protection

During a power cut, despite the presence of proper temperature controls, some stuff like vaccines can still be at a risk. No doubt that backup generators are a great idea for a health-related business but if you also keep a medical refrigerator, it will be a plus benefit of a higher holdover time which will ensure that the right temperature is maintained and the medical equipment and other supplies are safe.

5. Added Security

The digital locks are also provided with the medical refrigerators and freezers to control their access, protecting the supplies and biologics.

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