Disposable medical devices are those equipments used in the medical field that cannot be taken into use more than once. They are very simple medical devices and do not require any kind of reprocessing, preservation, or maintenance. Even sterilization is also not needed for these disposable medical devices, as they are not to be used again. After a single use, the doctors and other medical practitioners throw them away and use a new device for further procedures. There are lots of disposable medical devices available like medical gloves, needles, blood bags, and many more. Each of them serves a different and particular use in the medical field. Let's have a look at some of them and their individual uses.

Disposable Medical Devices: Types & Uses

1. Medical Gloves

Medical gloves are the most prominent and common type of disposable medical device used by doctors during medical procedures. Their ultimate use is to protect the surgeon and the patient to get infected from any kind of infection or disease. During surgical and diagnostic procedures, they provide higher sensitivity. Shop for Nitrile Disposable medical gloves.

2. Infusion Disposable Products

The syringes and needles and the flashback chambers are the two main types of infusion disposable medical devices available in the medical field to be used for surgeries by surgeons and medical practitioners. The needles are basically made up of stainless steel and are covered with a coating of silicon. These are generally used for efficient venipuncture procedures, whereas the flashback chambers are used for monitoring the instant flash of blood immediately after the venipuncture process. It is also used for the prevention of the spilling of blood.

3. Medical Masks

Since COVID, medical masks have been in both medical and common use by people. Medical masks are one of critical disposable medical devices. They need to be disposed of after every single use. They help doctors and medical practitioners prevent the spread of communicable diseases during diagnostic and surgical procedures.

4. Blood Bags

Blood bags are those medical disposable devices that are used for blood transfusion. They come with a transparent and flexible drip chamber and a micron blood filter.

5. Umbilical Catheter

The umbilical catheter can be considered an alternative to needle sticks. It is used for allowing blood to be taken from an infant at different times. It is also used for keeping an eye on the monitoring of the baby's blood pressure. Above the diaphragm's level, it is inserted in the inferior vena cava. For premature infants, it is much important as it provides speedy access to their central circulation.

6. Surgical Dressing

For speeding up the healing process, these surgical dressings are used for covering wounds and cuts. They also help in protecting the affected area from the very harmful effects of microorganisms and other venomous particles present in the surroundings.

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