The rising blood pressure is correlated to a person's timing of waking up. As he or she gets up, the blood pressure starts getting higher after a few (3/4) hours. It is at its peak during midday. And sometimes it becomes highest to a point where taking it back to normal is not easy. Hence, it becomes more important to know the procedure for measuring blood pressure accurately.

Tips for Accurate Use of Blood Pressure Monitor

Before measuring blood pressure, one needs to follow some specific tips for its accurate use. Some of them are as follows:

1. Check if your device is correct

Make sure that the device you are going to use for the measurement of blood pressure is at its correct readings. In case you have dropped it somewhere, check it before using it again.

2. After waking up, don't measure

It is suggested not to measure the blood pressure immediately after getting up from the bed. Also, it should be measured without the consumption of eatables or medications. If you exercise after waking up, then make sure you take your blood pressure readings before exercise.

3. Avoid caffeine, tobacco & alcohol

Before 30 minutes of reading, do not consume any kind of caffeine-consuming product, tobacco, or alcohol.

4. Sit quietly

Before & during the monitoring, stay quiet and still to get exact and accurate measurements of the blood pressure.

5. Place the cuff on the skin only

Make sure that you keep the cuff of the measuring device directly on the skin, not on clothes. A tight rolled-up sleeve can also affect the reading, so slip your arm out of the sleeve before taking a reading.

6. Arm should be positioned properly

Do not shake your arm during the measurement, and also position it properly. You can also put the arm on some cushion or soft surface to avoid unwanted movements and be comfortable.

7. Measure it two times a day

For exact readings, try measuring the blood pressure twice a day. For example, if you are taking one reading in the morning, then take another in the evening but before consumption of any supper.

8. Take a repeat reading

Do not just settle for a single reading. Try taking the measurements 3 to 4 times.

9. Avoid talking

Even if you talk while the measurement is being taken, it will affect your reading. Hence, try to avoid talking in between to receive proper readings.

10. Sit straight with legs down

Do not sit by crisscrossing your legs against each other, instead sit comfortably and straight with legs down to keep the blood flow normal.

11. No nervousness

Being nervous about the process of blood pressure measurement can also affect the reading, as it will cause the brain to stimulate specific kinds of hormones, which may disrupt the natural blood flow of the human body. Hence, stay calm during the process. Don't worry, nothing is going to happen. And you won't be feeling any pain as in the case of vaccinations, so don't get nervous.

After following these tips properly before and during the measurement of blood pressure, you can go with the final process.

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