Being in the profession of medical, the defining piece one should own is the medical bag. Every medical professional, especially doctors must have the correct and useful medical bag which not only stuffs with necessary instruments and equipment but also define the flair and style of the doctor.

Here, in this blog, we compile 7 kinds of medical bags for Doctor to narrow down your choices during selecting the most suitable for you. So, don’t miss to read it out.

1. Elite EB203.2 Emerair Emergency Resus Bag

It is the basic full first aid bag or kit or what we call all-in-one first aid package. In this bag, doctors can keep everything essential for primary first aid or in an emergency situation. It has two external pockets and day-night reflective bands.  

Four transparent compartments having basic colour codes are available in this bag. Along with two large capacity transparent pockets, it has space for Velcro straps fastening, oxygen and ambu mask. In this bag, you can find two flat pockets and washer for extracting oxygen tube.

Ensuring the storage of small yet important items this bag comes with pocket-sized biocontaminated material container and external cardholder. It is easy to carry due to its ergonomic foamed back, waist belt, shoulder straps, handles and reflective puller to open it easily during an emergency. Click here to buy- 


2. Biston Point of Care Bag with Antibacterial Mat

Chartered physiotherapists have been created this amazing medical especially for their use. It helps them to store a large number of items distributing the weight evenly throughout the bag. The large storage of this kit has adjustable dividers for best fit the instruments. Even it equips with detachable pouch which you can attach to the front section for storing small items like sharps and waste materials.

Interestingly this bag comes with detachable assessment mat that is easy to store in the bag when not in use. However, any kind of medical professional can keep use this bag. It doesn’t need any special care due to the easy cleaning and highly durable fabric. It equips with the compartments for storing weighing scales.

Even the compact size of the bag makes it ideal for airline hand luggage. Attractive features of this bag are lockable, large easy zip pulls and tamper proof zips. The padded shoulder straps make it lightweight and easy to carry on your back. If you want to get this bag then click here- 


3. SP Parabag Emergency Resus Green Barrel Bag

This bag is much identical to that of a duffle bag and TPU coated heavy duty polyester makes it highly durable and sturdy. Due to the material, you won’t feel any weight during carrying it along. It is perfect to use as entonox, oxygen therapy and resuscitation kit.

Detachable shoulder straps and reinforced handles will enable you to carry this CD or D sized cylinder bag easily. Not only durable, it can withstand against weather extremities and resistant to crack as well. This infection-control and eco-friendly bag is made from wipe clean materials.

The bag is resistant to water and fungus too; along with retardant to flame. The hi-visibility reflection and elastic holding straps are responsible for its easy carrying. Get your bag now from here- 


4. Elite Multi-Purpose GP Medical Bag

Now, it’s time for enlisting a modern-day medical bag which can keep everything from your stethoscope to your laptop. Store your essentials in compact fashion with innovative features and flexible compartments. The bag has external ID holder, trolley band, hidden backpack straps, interior organiser pockets and front pockets for clipboard and documents. All these specifications make it stand out from others.

A large outer file folder pocket is there with pads for storing a laptop of 12 inches. Doctors can store the instruments in the two net pockets. The main compartment has four removable pockets and transparent window. Additional large pocket is also there for storing documents. Padlock zipper and ergonomic padded handle are other features which you can enjoy with this bag.

Isothermal ampoule holder having different-sized 38 elastic bands is what makes the bag an alluring one. Do you want to get it? Then click here-  


5. Bollmann Medica 2000 Leather Case Front Pocket

The key attraction of this leather case is you can open half of the case only. It gives you the access to neat pockets to have an easy and fast access for diagnostic instruments, documents, paper and prescription pads.

The other half comprises of the interchangeable compartments with transparent cover. The body of this case is made from scratch proof real leather. There is hinged foam covered tray for breakproof storage for 84 ampoules. It will ensure the safety of your belongings from theft. Extra front document holder, 4 external locks improving the security and transparent cover with magnetic closures make it highly demanding amongst the doctors.

Personal requirements are easy to keep with you as it equips plastic adjustable interior in the main section. Secret as well as large 84 ampoule tray in main compartment is able to hold your laptop. Carrying this bag is absolutely easy and comfortable due to the strength of double carrying handles. Click here to see our collection and buy-   


6. Elite General Practitioner Bag

This medical bag is suitable for storing the medical instruments in de-cluttered manner. The key attraction of this bag is its honeycomb storage system enabling the easy and fast access to the supplies. The versatility and compact size of the bag makes it ideal for any medical purposes including physiotherapy.

Material of this bag is anti-slip, resistant and light-weighted. The zipper contains padlock fastener. Being a hidden backpack, it has isothermal compartment with 43 ampoules.

Flat mesh pocket of instruments, detachable Velcro dividers and two large pockets having elastic bands are some other specifications of this interesting kit. Elasticated interior panels, flat documents and pen and card holder are also available with this bag. If interested to buy, visit this link-  


7. Proact Paramedic Holdall, Advance II, 600D Poly Fabric, Red

Being a generous bag, it is perfect for heavy duty usage. Adjustable straps and 2 carry handles allow you to carry it easily and comfortably. There are padded and movable internal dividers ensuring enhanced versatility. The bag has a robust base and all round padding for high protection.

2 small and large external zip pockets along with clear plastic wallet on the top enable you to store small things, some penny and cards. Get your bag now from here- 

Hope, we have helped in narrowing down the choices and depending on your requirements you can select the right one to carry your medical items regularly at work.

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